Yiwu markets

Yiwu market now boasts a total area of 6.2 million meters with more than 58,000 boths, and a population of business operators over 200 thousands. The trade volume of Yiwu market ranks the fist top position amony all the large distribution market in China for 16 successive years, has become the largest distribution center, demonstration center and price-pulish center for daily-use commodities in the world, and an important base for sourcing and export.
Yiwu has built up business relationship with 212 countries and regions across the world. More than 8,000 foreign businessmen from over 100 counties and regions reside in Yiwu for sourcing and purchasing commodites.Overseas enterprises have set up more than 939 representative agencies in Yiwu, opened more than 8,400 bank accounts. Yiwu market has become an important sourcing base for overseas buyers. In 2006, Over 1,000 standard comtainers are exported from Yiwu each day.an annual export volume of more than 420,000 containers makes Yiwu Customs the largest inland customs house.

Yiwu Market gather over 400,000 commodities of 1,900 categories in 43 industires.( According to the figures of UN Trade and Development Organization, there are 500,000 kinds of commodities in the world, and over 80% of them can be found in Yiwu market.) Both domestic and foreign trade can make an one-stop purchasing in Yiwu Market. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNHCR, Carrefour and other purchase groups have set up their purchasing informatioin center in Yiwu.

Yiwu market now individ into 4 parts:  Huangyuan market(the old market), Bingwang Markets, International Trade City(also named futian market---the main market), The Specialized Street(Defferent classes of items distributing in defferent streets in Yiwu).

With the comleting building for the projects as the 3rd Phase of International Trade City(futian market), the supplier will be prepared for the move of old marekt into 3rd Phase of futian market.
Then the more makets will be centralized into futian market and more convenient for cutomers’sourcing works.

Nonw Yiwu market have developed 5 Districts of International Trade Mart and one Garment Market(huangyuan market), some business streat.


Tips: yiwu china commodity City. Yiwu china Commodity City is the oldest commodity wholesale market in China, which was founded in the year of 1982. Experiencing six times migrations and nine times extensin. at present, It's business ara boasts 2.6 milion square meters with 58000 booths, it is the most modernized, the most internationalized and the largest commodity markets. In August 2005, the United nationas released the report that Yiwu is the world's largest wholesale market. Yiwu China Commodity City named by the state Administration for Industry and Commerce, and since 1992, the turnover of markets wins the first in the wholesale of commercial for 17 consecutive yeasrs for it has over 50% Foreign trade whare and 10,000 Permanent foreginers,all thesese commodities are export to 212 countries and regions. In October 2006, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Yiwu China Commodities Index, which is the barometer of world commodity price.


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