Yiwu Small Commodities exports was added a new channel "via

Yiwu Small Commodities exports was dded a new channel "via Zhoushan"
 Source: Hangzhou Network - Daily Business Daily at 04:43 on August 16, 2011

Yiwu is the world largest commodity exporter, while the National District with deep-water harbor. Recently, Hangzhou Customs officially launched the "New train" clearance mode, open up an exit between the "fast lane", with this new clearance mode, Yiwu Small Commodity customs declaration can be done in the front of home, directly delivered to Zhoushan Jintang Dapukou export terminal. This means that the traditional "via Shanghai", "via Ningbo", the Yiwu Small Commodity export the added the channal of "Zhoushan," is a new way.

August 10 afternoon, a fully loaded with Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments and other small commodities, Yiwu, container trucks, customs control point facilities in the closed end toward the dock Zhoushan Jintang Dapukou fled. As the application of the "New train" clearance mode, these commodities can be lifted on the night ocean ocean-going vessel destined for Ukraine. Another 20 days, the Ukraine could be the goods wholesaler distribution to the country, for the upcoming Christmas shopping season to prepare for a.

As the first time to try on "New train" mode, and benefit from Yiwu Jin Li Xian Freight Forwarders Association Secretary-General, to bring the export of this commodity, "new line" is just such an account to reporters, "through the" through train "mode will send the container Export to Zhoushan, a container can save transit and transportation costs 600 yuan, by the end of Zhoushan Jintang Bridge after truck to pass, transportation costs will be lower. And the day will be able to handle customs procedures, direct ship, really and provincial easy money is a good line commodity exports. "

It is reported through the "New train" model "to go Zhoushan," the direction of the main export commodities is Ukraine, Russia and Nigeria. According to statistics, "New train" mode, opening date, Yiwu Small Commodity "exported to Zhoushan," the explosive development of export business was to complete the 1344 vote, while only less than 30 votes last year.

For the next development of the "New train" , Zhang Yiwu Customs and Excise said: "We will strengthen to communicate with MAERSK (Maersk), COSCO (COSCO) and other large shipping, freight forwarding, setting up business is responsible for someone special window system Q at any time for business problem-solving and provide customs facilitation; In addition, we will strengthen cooperation with the Zhoushan Customs to strengthen and Jintang Port's communication and coordination to ensure the realization of commodity export declaration in the same day of customs release, so that the export commodity lines will be wider and wide and more convenient. "

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