Foreigner do business earlier in Yiwu

Broaden foreign body entry in Yiwu, the foreigner do business easier
- Concerned about the "Yiwu reform pilot" series of reports of foreign articles ②
Recently, a customer Pakistan Ahmed are very happy, because he got from the City of Industry, their friends and partners registered Yiwu Kashi merchandise firm's business license.

Ahmed has been doing business in Yiwu seven years, his oringal company was Eminem Texas (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Yiwu Office of identity registration. According to relevant laws and regulations, representative offices of foreign enterprises shall not engage in business activities, so engaging in business activities on behalf of institutions not only a lack of legal basis, to bear the risks of foreign trade is not small. Previously, Ahmed returned to Pakistan every year, evidence for the survival of the company, Chamber of Commerce registration procedures for the continuation of expansion, etc., is very troublesome.

March 1 last year, the State Council promulgated the New Deal foreign partnership, promulgated the "foreign-funded partnership enterprise registration regulations" to allow foreign enterprises and individuals in China to set up a partnership, and its low barriers to entry, pre-conditions, the advantages of less to a large extent solved the foreign resident in Yiwu for "foreign body" in urgent need.

Earlier this year, for the foreign-invested partnerships in the foreign exchange management, taxation, visas and other aspects of the case supporting the policy is not perfect, City of Industry, launched the "foreign business entities on behalf of institutions and co-existence of two-track system" that allows the representative to serve representatives, as a business partner or shareholder. This system has broken the "one one photo," the site constraints, to facilitate foreign investors to obtain a visa in the name of representative to the identity of foreign business entities engaged in business activities, while addressing the residence, employment and business problems and effectively guide the intention of operating representative bodies have legitimate business transformation as the main qualification.

As of October 24 this year, the city has set up 261 foreign-funded partnership, a partner in these enterprises, in addition to Hong Kong from China, but also including Singapore, Pakistan, South Korea and other 16 countries and regions, covering the daily operation of wholesale , goods information consulting, food service, beauty salon, hotel accommodation and other industries.

To further promote the development, Yiwu international trade norms, the city is actively exploring lower barriers to entry, for more convenient method is more simple, more in line with the needs of the main mode of reform.

In the afternoon of August 23, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the People's Government signed a "comprehensive reform of international trade to build cooperation framework agreement", which means that Province, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau will support research, crack foreign qualification in the case of registration to policy issues, the city industrial and commercial sector will also focus on the main access to explore the foreign policy challenges, the leading characteristics of Yiwu build a more suitable way for foreign company entry.


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