Yiwu became the first county-level city with HSK test point

Yiwu became the first county-level city with HSK test point

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Yesterday, there is an endless stream of foreigners come to consult the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) in Yiwu International Business School of Education,  . Person in charge of the hospital, October 23, the new HSK test will visit Yiwu, Yiwu Business School in the establishment of test sites. This is the first county-level cities Hanban set up test sites, but also means that foreign nationals at the gates of justice to participate in Chinese proficiency exam.

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Pinyin HanyuShuipingKaoshi is the abbreviation) is to test non-native speakers of Mandarin Chinese who established the level of national standardized tests. It is annually held in China and overseas, to study in China for those who want to apply for a student or students studying in China has been increasingly important. The new HSK four passing lines 180 points (or level of certificate of HSK Elementary Grade C) is applied to study in China to enter the minimum standards of undergraduate study. Currently, HSK has been set up test centers in 30 countries, with 144 test centers in the country. In the province, in addition to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, the city is the fifth city with HSK test centers, but also in the country's first county-level city with HSK test centers.

According to the Yiwu International Business School Chinese Language Education examination the person in charge, Yiwu Business School has been ranked the number of students in higher vocational colleges, Zhejiang Province, the first, also among the best universities in the province. So far college has successfully trained more than 50 countries on five continents from the thousand foreign students. Since 2009, the Institute has successfully organized six batches of students to participate in training and HSK test, the results significantly. Which students participate in and obtain a certificate of HSK examination nearly a hundred people.

" Yiwu has not yet set up As the HSK test centers before, we had to go to Hangzhou, Jinhua for taking the exam, and it can not be effectively pre-examination training, the inconvenience of traffic accommodation is also greatly affected the enthusiasm of the exam, which is just great , these issues are resolved. "Yiwu Business School 2010 student, Ahmed from Africa and Vietnam Song Chuncheng can not help but have such a sigh. They learn in school after one year, four and six respectively HSK certificate has been Zhejiang University.

It is understood that the success of Yiwu Business School is currently reporting a Business Chinese Test (BCT), and primary and secondary Chinese Test (YCT) test sites. Also has three test sites, this is the first center in the province, in the context of its primary and secondary schools and the vast majority of foreign expatriate business people, is nothing more than good news.



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