European Union will take some special measures on chinese pl

European Union will take some special measures on chinese plastic tableware and kitchenware in July
Yiwu enterprises and business operater should pay attation on it.
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Recently, the European Commission adopted a regulation (EU) No284/2011, requires all EU member states from July 1 onwards, produced or shipped from China, polyamide and melamine plastic tableware and kitchenware imported special measures.

The regulations of the produced or shipped from China, polyamide and melamine plastic tableware and kitchenware, the importer must provide products of primary aromatic amines with formaldehyde limits in line with the requirements of the EU statement, together with the corresponding test report; member for The first cargo to specify a specific port of entry and ports of entry in the list posted on the Internet; Member States of 10% according to the proportion of imported goods for sampling. According to regulations, only after passing all the checks completed and the goods can flow freely into the EU market, otherwise, Member States shall immediately notify by the European Commission rapid alert system, and to take relevant control measures.

It is understood that Europe's 80 percent of plastic tableware and kitchenware products come from China, but also the plastic tableware and kitchenware European region with the highest entry requirements. The new EU directive is more strict, not only have higher requirements for formaldehyde limits, and provides for 10% of the imported goods for sampling. Prior to that, as long as the product testing report attached to the domestic, the chances are very small sampling.

Yiwu Commodity Industry Association chairman Zong yang gui said, Yiwu plastic tableware and kitchenware manufacturers mainly in the PP, PE, PVC as raw material, polyamide and melamine related to very few. "This business is both a challenge and an opportunity, the key is to correctly deal with." You said were produced in recent years, Yiwu, plastic tableware and kitchenware increasing number of exports to Europe, the EU's increasingly stringent standards, as orders a longer period, the introduction of the new directive will make some companies by surprise. In order to meet market demand, Yiwu enterprises have been concerned about the changes in EU standards, and continuous improvement of raw materials and technology upgrading.

"This new requirement does not affect the business, because we all use PP material, free from the restrictions of this new regulation." Plastics Co., Ltd. Yiwu Aqin production of children of plastic tableware, products are mainly exported to Europe countries, the person in charge is to help the king said, The new EU directive Forced to some extent regulate the domestic development of plastic tableware and kitchenware industries, which they do production standards, technical standards higher for companies, but is a good thing.

Yiwu Inspection & Quarantine Director Depment 2, said Zhang Tao, Yiwu plastic tableware and kitchenware from the current export situation in Europe, not found related to the phenomenon of polyamide and melamine, but melamine plastic in Yiwu market, with meals in the kitchen sales. He reminded Yiwu enterprises, business users and the procurement company,should  pay timely attention to the specific provisions of EU regulations and the relevant dynamic information, to take early measures to avoid unnecessary losses. 

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