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We are a profressional sourcing agent with 10 years experience in Yiwu China, who as a powerful export agent in Yiwu.we supply one-stop serivce on export: sourcing agent, purchase agent, interperter serive, market guider , warehouse storge, order management; shipping cargo, booking space.customs declaration.making documents,controling quality.settlement. etc, other extra servcie is booking hotel with discount, pick up and see off in airport. we can set a brige bettween you and factories deriectly,and assitant you resolve many isuess on export in China.

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Yiwu Cityyiwu china
You must heard about that: Yiwu is a city bulit on the market.But why are so many peolpe asourcing in Yiwu,trading in Yiwu, traveling in Yiwu, working in Yiwu, and living in Yiwu? Located in the center of Zhejiang Province, Yiwu covers a total area of 1,105 sqkm, Among the population of Yiwu, 700,000 are permanent residents, while 1 million are non-native residents, As a rising commercial city with a long history of 2,200 years, the charming Yiwu boasts its time-honored culture of commerce and is now full of business opportunities. Yiwu is a city developing with the dependence on the market. In 1982, Yiwu firstly set up the commodities wholesale markets, form then on, in over 20 years, yiwu has persisted in its development strategy of building the city on commerce, taken the flourishing development of China Commodities City as a engine for its social economic and energetically promoted mercerization, indoctrination, urbanization and internationalization. Now, the markets which cover an area of 2.6 million square meters contain 58,000 booths and are attracting over 200,000 customers-times daily>> More >> more information on Yiwu Wholesale Market: Here

Yiwu Market District 1
(Jellewery / Crafts/Toys)

Yiwu Market District 2

Yiwu Market District 3

Yiwu Market District 4
(Consumer Goods Market)

Yiwu Market District 5
(Imp./ Bedding /Auto fitting )

Yiwu Huanyuan Market
( New Garment Market)

Yiwu Wholesale Market

Yiwu China Tips

Yiwu china was awarded as "2008 National Ecological City".
Yiwu China is in 10th in 2008 top 100 nationl powerful counties cities.
yiwu China is 2008 National Food Safety Model City
Yiwu China is "2008 annul 10 Top competitiveness Cities" .
Yiwu China is awarded as "2008 National Garden City".
Yiwu China was the most active city for 2007 China's privately-owned corporation
Yiwu China was passed annual review as National Health City in 2007
Yiwu China was 2007 China Top 10 Exhibition Cities
Yiwu China was 2007 National Model Zone for Disabilities Rehabilitation Community-Base
Yiwu China was appraised as" 2007 China National Outstanding Tourist City
Yiwu china was appraised as "2004 National Popular Science Model City.
Yiwu China was  appraised as " China seamless knitted garment city
Yiwu China was appraised as "China Hosiery(socks) city "
Yiwu china was apprasied as "domestic and abroad public favorite Chinese cities;
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